Coronavirus COVID-19 Preparations

Dear Patients

We are preparing like most of the other medical offices in the community to deal with a Coronavrus (COVID-19) threat.  We are currently calling all patients prior to their scheduled procedures & office visits to ascertain their health status. We are providing special accommodations for patients on immunosuppressant medications.  We are querying all patients, escorts and guests as they come to the office for fevers and other flu-like symptoms and advising them to wear masks. To date, we do not have any known or suspected cases amongst our staff and amongst our established patients. 

We are doing aggressive disinfection of all of the equipment, furniture and surfaces throughout the day and every evening.  Lastly, we are exploring the possibility of introducing tele-medical consults for our established patients, if there is an outbreak or large cluster of cases occurs in our area.  

Please rest assure that we will be everything possible to ensure that we are ready to provide you with uninterrupted care.



Elliot A Heller MD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             




The following is reprinted from the CCFA March 11, 2020 email blast to their provider network. 

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